The Healthcare Industry is Facing Significant Challenges

Billions of single-use needles are disposed of annually, presenting financial and environmental burdens. Inefficient workflows and disconnected data systems can create compliance and patient care challenges, while traditional needle disposal methods pose needlestick injury risks to healthcare workers. 

NeedleSmart offers a unique solution to these challenges, combining safe, environmentally sound needle disposal with workflow efficiencies and data management, resulting in a powerful combination of improved patient care, compliance, and sustainability.

How NeedleSmart is Changing Healthcare for the Better

The future of injection-led processes (ILP) is here. Learn how NeedleSmart’s solutions are revolutionizing healthcare safety and efficiency.

  • The NeedleSmart PRO device can destroy a wide range of needles and generate a reduction in sharps disposal costs
  • NeedleSmart software can capture data required to manage an ILP program and provide real-time insights into the progress of the program.


How NeedleSmart is Revolutionizing ILP

NeedleSmart provides safe, sustainable, and efficient hypodermic needle disposal, streamlined workflow, and effective data management.

  • Innovative approach to hypodermic needle disposal enables healthcare professionals and patients to safely and sustainably manage ILP challenges.
  • Streamlines the entire ILP, from pre-registration to vaccine administration and waste management, improving efficiency and data management.


Who We Serve

NeedleSmart provides innovative medical technology solutions to a diverse range of healthcare organizations. We’re helping healthcare professionals provide better patient care while reducing their environmental impact.





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Transforming ILP

We’re on a mission to revolutionize ILP. Our technology and data management approach makes the healthcare industry safer, more efficient, and more sustainable.


"For a healthcare organization, one of our top priorities is always to keep our staff and healthcare workers as safe as possible. The prevalence of needle stick injuries is a long-term issue in the NHS."

Claire Liddy, Managing Director - Innovation, Alder Hey


How NeedleSmart Makes Data Management More Convenient

NeedleSmart’s software streamlines the management of any ILP by capturing all the data required to manage an ILP program at the source. With all records stored in a single secure database, healthcare organizations have centralized access to comprehensive data.

Each record in the database has a digital signature that cannot be replicated, providing additional data security. By eliminating the need for manual data entry and record-keeping, NeedleSmart’s software reduces the risk of errors, saves time and resources, and ultimately contributes to a more convenient and efficient treatment record management system.

This innovative approach to record-keeping ensures that healthcare professionals and patients have easy access to accurate, up-to-date records, ultimately improving patient care and safety.

Reducing Environmental Impact:

How NeedleSmart is Leading the Way in Sustainability

NeedleSmart offers innovative medical technology solutions that reduce the environmental impact of medical waste. The NeedleSmart PRO safely destroys hypodermic needles, resulting in a net capacity increase of 47-50% and a 95% reduction in carbon footprint when fully integrated.

Our NeedleSmart software helps healthcare organizations reduce their environmental impact by collecting data required to manage injection-led process programs and storing it in a single, authorized database to save time and resources.

At NeedleSmart, our core value of responsibility is reflected in our operations and product development. We promote sustainable practices and protect the health of our planet for generations to come.