NeedleSmart are delighted to present a short film on our partnership with the Innovation Centre at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. The partnership between Alder Hey and NeedleSmart is an innovation collaboration. We have created a formidable project team which pairs Alder Hey’s clinical insights and NeedleSmart’s smart MedTech expertise to work towards the shared objective of positively impacting care.  The focus is not only with regard to safety and reducing the impact of NeedleStick injuries (NSI) across the NHS, but equally to the wider sustainability target of carbon net zero by 2032 within the NHS.

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NeedleSmart’s DVS (Digital Vaccination System) digitalises the vaccination process with every detail being automatically recorded in the Cloud. DVS is made up of 4 elements that combine to produce a seamless, secure system for digitalising vaccination data. These elements are the NeedleSmart App, NeedleSmart Unit, NeedleSmart Scanner and Cloud-based database.

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An introduction to our product

The Problem

A global problem with global implications
Needle Stick Injuries are an increasing problem throughout the world as each year globally 12,000,000,000 injections will be administered and of these up to 3,000,000 Needle Stick Injuries will occur.

80% of all Needle Stick Injuries are preventable!

With over 100,000 reported Needle Stick Injuries in the UK alone, Spain in excess of 100,000, Germany 500,000 and USA 1,000,000 – Needle Stick Injuries (NSI) are a global problem with global implications.

The problem

The Solution

The NeedleSmart device addresses two major issues for global healthcare systems, the safety of the healthcare staff and the escalating compliance cost of disposing of post procedural needles.

The NeedleSmart device is designed as a sealed chamber storing needles and syringes in a sterilised, safe form and it efficiently minimizes the possibility of post procedural Needle Stick Injury (NSI).

The NeedleSmart device heats the needles inserted to an excess of 1300 °C which will kill potential harmful pathogens, viruses and bacteria adhering to the needle.

Sterilising the needle to be disposed of and melting it into a safe sphere inside the product allows the waste to be disposed with considerable cost savings.

The solution

The Process

Stage 1
The used hypodermic needle is inserted into the NeedleSmart device via our bespoke guide mechanism.

Stage 2
The NeedleSmart device detects the presence of a needle and begins the destruction process, heating the needle to over 1300°C.

Stage 3
Within seconds, the destroyed needle is released from the NeedleSmart device as a safe, sterile sphere of metal at the tip of the syringe.

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The process

Who is the NeedleSmart product aimed at?

Needles are used worldwide in a variety of applications from intensive or routine healthcare, laboratory work, urban hospitals, immunisation centres, military hospitals, and diabetic care through to recreational drug use.

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