The number of clinicians and healthcare workers is steadily declining.

Healthcare workers spend an increasing amount of time on administrative tasks and paperwork rather than caring for patients. This shift in job requirements is leading to dissatisfaction and burnout, resulting in unprecedented numbers leaving the field or choosing not to pursue a healthcare career.

Massive inefficiency and error plague EMR workflows.

Current EMR software systems do not communicate reliably, resulting in patient health history gaps. Essential background information, such as current medications, vaccination history, and previous diagnoses, are manually entered into a new healthcare system EMR during an appointment or by the medical records team. This manual data re-entry is highly inefficient and results in errors which further contributes to overall healthcare worker burnout.

Current supply chain processes result in egregious vaccine waste.

Clinics and hospitals manage thousands of individual products, including vaccines, most of which have expiration dates. Although supply chain software has improved the system-level inventory management processes, millions of vaccines are still lost annually.

It’s time for solutions looking to the future of healthcare, not the past.

Harmonizing new technology alongside an ecosystem approach to process creates real efficiencies and workflow improvements, both of which are key elements to balance the current analogue approach to process and recordation in healthcare.

NeedleSmart’s system offers all of this and more. Providing:

  • A distinctive, real-time, and precise data capture process
  • A full system approach to the injection process, enhancing both patient 
and clinician experience
  • A reduction in needlestick injury and associated risks
  • Direct ability to control inventory, resources, and time with efficiency
  • A sustainable waste solution, reducing costs for healthcare and minimizing environmental impact

NeedleSmart. Changing healthcare for the better.


"As a direct result of the consistent hygienic data, you have a scalable and streamlined process through the entire patient journey."

Dr. Chales Allessi, Title and Company