Since establishing in 2015 with just a concept, NeedleSmart has come a tremendous way. We’re taking a nostalgic look back at some of the original designs of the NeedleSmart Pro device to remind ourselves how it has changed, both externally and internally, in the process of becoming the device it is today. Here are some of the early stage NeedleSmart Pro device designs.

needlesmart professional

NeedleSmart began as a way to destroy needles in order to combat NeedleStick injuries, however it has now adapted into a whole suite of devices where destroying the needle is just the start of the process. As well as destroying the needle completely and preventing NeedleStick injuries, NeedleSmart technology now also aids in the prevention and control of infection. Heating the needle to an excess of 1300°C means all potential harmful pathogens, viruses and bacteria adhering to the needle will be killed. Sterilising the needle to be disposed of and melting it into a safe sphere inside the product allows the waste to be disposed as non-hazardous rather than hazardous clinical waste, therefore providing considerable cost savings to health organisations.

On top of this, NeedleSmart now also contains unique data generation capabilities, meaning electronic patient record information can be updated in real-time and sharps inventory can be managed through an automatic re-ordering process.

NeedleSmart also now cater to a wide variety of medical and cosmetic markets, destroying a range of needle lengths and gauges across the suite of devices.

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