There are a number of direct and indirect costs associated with Needle Stick Injuries (NSI). According to James M. Anderson, Professor of Pathology, Macromolecular Science and Biomedical Engineering, these costs can include:

  • prophylaxis (treatment given or action taken to prevent disease)
  • wages and time lost by workers
  • costs associated with drug toxicity
  • organisational liability
  • mortality
  • quality of patient care
  • workforce reduction
  • quality of life
  • emotional distress

Anderson also estimates that in the US, preventing NSI’s among healthcare workers, including the fees associated with testing, laboratory work, counselling and follow-up costs could save $1 billion annually.

NeedleSmart is market leading, patented needle destruction technology engineered in the UK with a range of innovative products offering genuine operation and costs benefits. NeedleSmart devices take hypodermic needles at the point of use, heats them to over 1,300 degrees Celsius and compresses them into a ball. It takes just a fraction of a second to convert a sharp needle into a sterile sphere of metal. The process can therefore contribute to the reduction of Needle Stick Injuries (NSI) and their consequential costs and has the potential to reduce the cost and increase efficiency of used needle disposal.

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