To open our Hangout with NeedleSmart series, we caught up with Tom Baker, our Research and Development Engineer who has recently marked his 5-year work anniversary, to find out more about his role.

Hi Tom, tell us about you and your day-to-day role in NeedleSmart?

I’ve worked at NeedleSmart as a Research and Development Engineer for over 5 years, including a 12-month Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project between NeedleSmart and the University of Liverpool in 2017-2018. My main roles are optimisation of NeedleSmart product design through theoretical, experimental and/or research analysis and interpretation of legislation and regulations. Most recently, I work on international product safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements, medical device approval in the USA at both FDA and state levels, and the requirement for carbon emissions reduction in medical institutions.

(Tom – first one from the left – with NeedleSmart team members at Health + Care event)

What do you like most about your job? Any career highlight or any achievements you’re proud of?

The success of my KTP project is the achievement I’m most proud of. I’m also proud of the variety of certified qualifications that I’ve achieved over my time at NeedleSmart, including CAD design using Creo, IATA lithium battery shipping safety as well as First aid and fire safety.

Which skills are needed for your job?

My academic background in Physics and years of refinement work with the primary functionality of NeedleSmart devices allow me to fulfil my role within the development team, facilitate customer requests, and address quickly changing business priorities.

What motivates you every day?

The people that I work alongside are my main motivation – the engineering development team are some of the most amicable and supportive people that anyone could ask to work with.

What is the next step for you in your career?

I try to find ways to be more creative and gain proficiencies in a variety of engineering practices, such as working alongside our mechanical engineers to develop my own practical skills using workshop equipment. As part of working at NeedleSmart, I have learnt to use MPLAB for controlling the operations of NeedleSmart devices and would be interested in further practising coding in it and other various programming languages. I would also like to travel to more international conventions and assist customers and think that learning foreign languages would be of use to that.