Discover How the NeedleSmart Process Makes You Compliant

NeedleSmart helps healthcare professionals and patients manage injection-led process challenges safely, efficiently, and sustainably.


How NeedleSmart Technology Works:

For years, the healthcare industry has faced challenges with injection-led process (ILP) management, such as inefficient processes, unsafe sharps disposal, and real-time record-keeping. These challenges have added additional pressure to practitioners and healthcare professionals who are already time-poor.

NeedleSmart is partnering with healthcare industry leaders to address these complex ILP challenges. We combine safe, environmentally sound hypodermic needle disposal with workflow efficiencies to create a simple and seamless system that improves safety, sustainability, and efficiency.

Introducing: NeedleSmart Pro and NeedleSmart Livia Software

1. Patient Pre-Registration
The patient can quickly pre-register through the NeedleSmart secure portal before attending their clinic or surgery appointment. The NS Livia Software generates a unique registration code used throughout the process.

2. Authorized Vaccine Administration
All authorized healthcare professionals registered in the NS Livia Software can easily access the portal for the patient information and the treatment they will administer.

3. Patient Arrives for Appointment
Once in their appointment, the patient presents the QR registration code from their mobile device. The healthcare professional scans the patient’s QR code and then scans the vaccine’s barcode using the NS Scanner. NS Livia Software captures all data required for vaccination management, then securely transfers the data to the appropriate recipients.

4. Vaccine Administered
The healthcare professional administers the vaccine to the patient.

5. Needle Destruction
Immediately after injection, the healthcare professional inserts the used needle into the NS Pro device. NS Pro rapidly heats the needed over 1300°C and melts the molten needle into a pathogen-free ball that “welds” directly to the remaining element of the needle. The needle becomes pathogen-free eliminating the risk of post-procedure needlestick injury.

6. Waste Management
NS Pro produces a pathogen-free needle which increases the capacity of a biohazard waste container by up to 50%. The NS Livia Software directly tracks consumable use and waste journeys. As a result, 96% of recycled cardboard clinical waste boxes may be utilized as a part of a waster repurposing strategy, reducing costs, increasing capacity, and leads to a carbon footprint reduction of up to 95%.


"It will have an impact on reducing needle stick injuries because as soon as the drug is administered, the needle goes straight into the needle safety device, where it's immediately melted."

Claire Oliver, Infection Prevention Control Nurse Specialist, Alder Hey