NeedleSmart are excited to announce our new Digital Vaccination System (DVS).

The Covid-19 pandemic will represent a reset moment for mass vaccination programmes. The crisis demands a scale, speed and level of vaccination compliance that will completely overwhelm all current vaccination protocols. Our DVS has been created to support a Mass Vaccination Programme by delivering a single solution that can coordinate every individual vaccination initiative into a single, coherent vaccination programme.

The NeedleSmart DVS is made up from 4 elements that combine to produce a seamless, secure system for digitalising vaccination data.

Cloud-based database

Secure, centralised data available to be downloaded into any health record system to be used for official health passports, to trigger logistic resupply, as unique proof of compliance, to trigger vaccination payments, to trigger follow up appointments for boosters, to ‘block’ recalled vaccinations batches and more.

NeedleSmart App

Smartphone App allows patients to register onto the system and quickly identify themselves at clinic. It provides secure access to patient records and reduces vaccination administration to almost zero. The App could also be used to follow up on missed appointments to increase patient compliance.

NeedleSmart Scanner

Scanner connected to a laptop to scan the patient’s code (printed or smartphone) to open patient record instantly. The same scanner is used to record type, batch and expiry date and check against any product recall.

NeedleSmart Unit

Renders each hypodermic needle ‘sharps’ safe, reducing the risk of Needle Stick Injury to effectively zero. The device creates a unique digital signature that cannot be replicated and is indelibly linked to a single known patient. Secure data linked to patient record in database.

To deliver a single, coherent vaccination programme you need to know four things. Our DVS records:


NeedleSmart digitalises the vaccination process with very detail of the process being automatically recorded in the Cloud.

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