NeedleSmart was approached by a lady called Maxine, who was set to go on a voluntary mission to Kenya for two weeks. Whilst there, she would be working in St. Vincent de Paul Mission Hospital in a small town called Muhoroni, located in Kisumu County, Kenya. The area is approximately 180 miles from the capital of Nairobi and has a population of around 15,000 people; many living with no running water in extremely difficult conditions.

Maxine was extremely interested in the NeedleSmart devices, and how they may be able to aid in needle disposal and consequently the safety and infection prevention procedures at the hospital. The hospital is only a small facility which has a maternity ward, clinic, HIV unit, palliative care unit, a morgue, paediatrics, general wards and a laboratory & pharmacy.

The hospital is a Mission Hospital set up by the sisters of Mercy and managed by Sr. Vincent Finnerty, whom Maxine stays with in their convent whilst in Kenya.¬†Currently, the hospital’s hazardous waste is collected by an external company and taken for incineration.

NeedleSmart donated three NeedleSmart Pro devices for Maxine to take with her to be used at the hospital. Maxine came into the NeedleSmart offices a couple of days before her trip to Kenya to meet with some of the team, be given the units to take on the trip and to be shown how they work.

In the images shown below, NeedleSmart’s Business Development Director, Martin Burgess, is showing Maxine how the NeedleSmart Pro machines are operated so that she can teach the staff at the hospital when she arrived in Kenya.

Whilst in Muhoroni, Maxine held some training in the lab at the hospital for a number of members of staff on how to use the NeedleSmart devices. Pictured below is Evans, a lab technologist who has been with Sr. Vincent at the hospital for 13 years. He was extremely pleased and enthusiastic about the devices and is going to champion the training moving forward.

Maxine also had the opportunity to meet with the senior maternity nurse from the Kisumu County Hospital whose maternity ward delivers approximately 700 babies per month. Maxine gave her a demonstration of the NeedleSmart Pro device which the staff then practised with and expressed that they would love to have one in their ward! Subsequently, NeedleSmart sent out further NeedleSmart Pro devices to Kenya.

NeedleSmart are thrilled to be able to support the fantastic, selfless work that Maxine does in Kenya, and we hope that the patients and staff of St. Vincent de Paul Mission Hospital truly benefit from using our devices. We look forward to keeping in touch with Maxine to hear about how our devices have made a difference at the hospital and any future missions she may be making.

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