NeedleSmart are thrilled to be featured as one of 4YFN’s Digital Health Pandemic Startup Heroes. 4YFN are strong believers that innovation and entrepreneurship are essential when facing global challenges and so have put together a group of inspirational examples of startups in our community who have ‘rolled up their sleeves and got their hands dirty in the battle against COVID-19’.

4YFN’s goal is to support startups, investors and companies to connect and launch new business ventures together. In their ‘Pandemic Startup Heroes’ series, they have asked the startup communities that form part of the 4YFN Community Club, as well as their partners from the 4YFN Programmes, to tell them about their own startup heroes working from different parts of the world to help make it a better place during challenging times.

The ECH Alliance, which NeedleSmart are a member of and who are a 4YFN Partner, nominated NeedleSmart to be featured as a 4YFN Digital Health Pandemic Startup Hero.

NeedleSmart is market leading, patented needle destruction technology engineered in the UK. Our devices take a hypodermic needle at the point of use, heats it to over 1,300 degrees Celsius and compresses it into a ball. It takes just a fraction of a second to convert a sharp needle into a sterile sphere of metal. 

Read the whole 4YFN piece here.

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