NeedleSmart Pro FAQs With Answers


I currently use a regular sharps container, why should I use the NeedleSmart Pro device?

The NeedleSmart Pro uses the very latest technology to melt and sterilise the used needle making the needle SAFE!


Is the NeedleSmart Pro portable?

Yes, you can use the NeedleSmart Pro in a variety of healthcare settings and at the point of administration.


The NeedleSmart Pro is powered by re-chargable batteries, how many used needles will it process between charges?

The NeedleSmart Pro will process at least 300 needles between full charges.


How often must I empty the NeedleSmart Pro?

Never! The NeedleSmart Pro uses Patented technology to ensure there is zero ash, debris or residue.


Is the NeedleSmart Pro accredited for safety?

Absolutely. The NeedleSmart Pro has been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories allowing us to proudly display the European CE and U.S.A. FDA accreditations.


What if I have a query about my NeedleSmart Pro device?

Simply contact your local in-country NeedleSmart Distributor who will be happy to answer your questions and fulfil your requirements.


The NeedleSmart Professional (PRO) device heats used needles to 1300°C before compressing them into a ball. It takes just a fraction of a second to convert a sharp needle into a sterile sphere of metal.

The device is for use with standard or safety needle formats in the range of 21G-26G. The NeedleSmart Pro is portable, lightweight and rechargeable and is designed for multiple environments including hospitals, clinics, G.P. surgeries, needle exchanges, travel clinics, aesthetic / cosmetic clinics and can be integrated into a NeedleSmart Sharp Station. It costs just 1p to fully charge the device, which will burn approximately 300 needles on a single charge.

By employing the NeedleSmart Pro’s unique data generation capability, you can update electronic patient record information in real-time and manage your sharps inventory through an automatic re-ordering process. Heating the needle to an excess of 1300°C means all potential harmful pathogens, viruses and bacteria adhering to the needle will be killed.

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