NeedleSmart are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded ‘Most Innovative Needle Disposal Solution 2021’ at this year’s Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards!

Global Health & Pharma (GHP) are the proud hosts of the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards, with 2021 being the sixth consecutive year of the prestigious awards. The Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards were created to honour the innovation, determination and outstanding levels of care demonstrated by those who place our wellbeing at the forefront of their practice.

The Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards are judged using a merit-driven approach, allowing for a more efficient method when determining those most deserving of winning an award, and this approach has brought the awards much success and commendation throughout its use.

When judging the awards, the GHP team gather information independently from a variety of publicly accessible sources which are assessed alongside any material supplied by a nominating party or the nominee themselves. Final judgement is cast based on various criteria such as: business performance, longevity, business growth (either sustained or rapid) and any significant innovations or feedback.

Learn more about the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical awards here.

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