Globally, the currently accepted protocol for sharps disposal (hypodermic needles and syringes) is via incineration, in many cases of both the sharps bin and contents.

The current process has endured for many years, however, if the NHS and healthcare systems globally are to significantly reduce carbon footprint the process of incinerating single-use plastics and metals must be considered.  The NHS in England is responsible for around 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

Every aspect of the current process is carbon positive from the point of procurement and subsequent manufacture to incineration.

All NeedleSmart products share the same core technology that takes a contaminated hypodermic needle and renders it a “non-sharp” that is free from contaminants such as viruses and bacteria by heating it to over 1300 degrees and compressing it into a sphere of metal at the end of the syringe. It should also be noted that there is no secondary waste stream.  The needle is reformed and re-purposed in the NeedleSmart process and the resulting “non-sharp” provides the catalyst to evolve a process and culture to move past the current non-sustainable processes and routines in a controlled and reliable manner.

NeedleSmart is collaborating with the NHS, facilitated through the NHS Supply Chain innovation route, to drive a campaign forward to minimise single-use plastics and associated packaging.  NeedleSmart technology is expected to help the NHS radically reduce CO2 emissions in its clinical waste disposal by a staggering 95% as part of its Carbon Reduction Strategy, saving £10s of millions in clinical waste destruction.

In addition to the physical technology, every NeedleSmart product can connect directly to the NeedleSmart digital DVS technology platform to gather and transmit relevant information from the “transaction”.  In the case of sustainability, NeedleSmart would propose that a measurement per transaction of carbon reduction could be calculated and transmitted to an employee recognition APP supporting NHS sustainability through a human factors approach.

NeedleSmart are committed and focused to become a key enabling technology in the continuous battle to reduce our carbon footprint.

The NeedleSmart Pro product is FDA approved and fully CE compliant and available for use globally. For more information about NeedleSmart, to get in touch or to arrange a demonstration;

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