NeedleSmart Helps NHS Carbon Reduction Strategy Reduce Carbon Emissions by 95%

30th March 2022 NeedleSmart News by Mia Dang No comments

NEEDLESMART CLINICAL WASTE BOXES TO SAVE THE NHS MORE THAN £120 MILLION IN GOVERNMENT PLASTIC TAX TECHNOLOGY TO PREVENT 100,000 NEEDLESTICK INJURIES TO CLINICAL STAFF, SAVING THE NHS £127 MILLION EACH YEAR British smart MedTech company NeedleSmart is at the forefront of helping the NHS radically reduce CO2 emissions in its clinical waste disposal by […]

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Recycling of Medical Waste with NeedleSmart

23rd February 2021 Uncategorised by Laura No comments

The NHS has launched a programme called ‘For a greener NHS’ which proposes working with NHS staff, hospitals and partners in order to further the work that is already being done to reduce the NHS’s impact on public health and the environment, to save money and eventually get to net carbon zero. ‘For a greener […]

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