NeedleSmart’s DVS Software

9th February 2021 Uncategorised by Laura No comments

Our NeedleSmart DVS delivers a single solution that can coordinate every individual vaccination initiative into a single, coherent vaccination programme. NeedleSmart digitalises the vaccination process with every detail being automatically recorded in the cloud. To deliver a single, coherent vaccination programme, NeedleSmart DVS collects data on the following four things: Our unique, automatic data capture process […]

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Introducing NeedleSmart’s Digital Vaccination System (DVS)

10th September 2020 Uncategorised by Laura No comments

NeedleSmart are excited to announce our new Digital Vaccination System (DVS). The Covid-19 pandemic will represent a reset moment for mass vaccination programmes. The crisis demands a scale, speed and level of vaccination compliance that will completely overwhelm all current vaccination protocols. Our DVS has been created to support a Mass Vaccination Programme by delivering a single […]

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A look back at how far NeedleSmart has come!

23rd January 2020 Uncategorised by Laura No comments

Since establishing in 2015 with just a concept, NeedleSmart has come a tremendous way. We’re taking a nostalgic look back at some of the original designs of the NeedleSmart Pro device to remind ourselves how it has changed, both externally and internally, in the process of becoming the device it is today. Here are some […]

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