Over 1000 Nagpur NCF operations have been completed

21st January 2018 Uncategorised by Julie Paul No comments

Clint has been busy working with an amazing team who have completed over 1,000 Nagpur NCF operations. What a MASSIVE achievement by all the team changing the lives of children . The NCF team 2018 pictured below (Left to right) Operating Department Practitioner ,Anaesthesia Registrar, Consultant Cleft Surgeon,Operating Department Practitioner, Theatre Scrub , Consultant Anaesthetist, […]

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Clint and the team in action !

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The team are working hard operations on children with cleft palate this is real team work ! Hand ventilated throughout as there are no efficient ventilators for such small children. It also gets very hot under the bright  surgical lighting and lucky the operating table is next to the only fan in theatre. Our on […]

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