NeedleSmart PRO Receives FDA Approval

9th April 2021 Uncategorised by Laura No comments

Our award-winning NeedleSmart PRO needle destruction device has achieved FDA approval as a Class II medical device. NeedleSmart Ltd is the first UK company to achieve FDA 510(k) approval (Class II for Sharps Needle Destruction Device (NDD). The innovative NeedleSmart PRO device heats a sharp, contaminated hypodermic needle to 1,300°C, then compresses the molten metal […]

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NeedleSmart’s DVS Software

9th February 2021 Uncategorised by Laura No comments

Our NeedleSmart DVS delivers a single solution that can coordinate every individual vaccination initiative into a single, coherent vaccination programme. NeedleSmart digitalises the vaccination process with every detail being automatically recorded in the cloud. To deliver a single, coherent vaccination programme, NeedleSmart DVS collects data on the following four things: Our unique, automatic data capture process […]

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Introducing NeedleSmart’s Digital Vaccination System (DVS)

10th September 2020 Uncategorised by Laura No comments

NeedleSmart are excited to announce our new Digital Vaccination System (DVS). The Covid-19 pandemic will represent a reset moment for mass vaccination programmes. The crisis demands a scale, speed and level of vaccination compliance that will completely overwhelm all current vaccination protocols. Our DVS has been created to support a Mass Vaccination Programme by delivering a single […]

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