World Dodgeball Association & NeedleSmart

2nd August 2018 Uncategorised by Julie Paul No comments

The World Dodgeball Association is delighted to announce that NeedleSmart is a new Official Partner. The partnership will support the future development of Dodgeball across the World and will support new projects that the World Dodgeball Association will unveil later this year. Needlesmart is a unique and patented device to destroy Hypodermic Needles preventing many […]

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Royal College of Nursing Needlestick injuries report

8th May 2018 Uncategorised by Julie Paul No comments

The Royal College of Nursing published a needlestick report which states that in the UK a small but significant number of health care workers have developed potentially life threatening diseases.  The report published in Jan 2009 states that in the  late 1990’s 11 health staff have contracted hepatitis c from needle jabs and 5 HIV […]

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A full day filming at the NeedleSmart Head Office

6th November 2017 Uncategorised by Julie Paul No comments

A great start to the week ,a full day shoot with CEO Cliff Kirby recording a short film that will feature at various nationwide  conventions in the New Year. A cold start filming outside but warming up to interviews in and around the NeedleSmart head office within the stunning setting of Stanley Grange Knowsley. Our […]

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Health Innovation Exchange Event

23rd October 2017 Uncategorised by Julie Paul No comments

We were invited by the Health Innovation Exchange to the showcase our products at the Life Science UTC within the Baltic Triangle in Liverpool. As well as being amongst good company in the exhibition arena there were also some great presentations in the main hall. With some user trials now being planned in the New […]

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What can you do to help prevent needlestick injuries?

19th September 2017 Uncategorised by Julie Paul No comments

-Check training on correct disposal procedures is up to date. -Renew your organisation’s procurement of safer sharps, is this habit a lack of awareness? -Check training is implemented on the use of safer sharps -Review your organisations claims for needlestick injuries , costs and hidden costs All of the above is advice given by NHS […]

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The Health and Safety (sharps instruments in healthcare) Regulations 2013

10th September 2017 Uncategorised by Julie Paul No comments

This document states ” All employers are required under existing health and safety law to ensure that risk of sharps injuries from needles are adequately assessed and that the appropriate preventative and control measures are in place.The Sharps Regulations build on the existing law and provide specific detail on requirements that must be taken by […]

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NeedleSmart helping to reduce needlestick exposures

5th September 2017 Uncategorised by Julie Paul No comments

According to the Report Eye of the Needle 2012 Exposures by profession between 2002 and 2011 occupational exposures among nursing professions accounted for 46% of all reports. We are working to try and help reduce the number of needlestick injuries with our NeedleSmart products. Currently we are looking to run some small focus groups in […]

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NeedleSmart Helping to Prevent Needlestick injuries

10th August 2017 Uncategorised by Julie Paul No comments

Did you know that NHS resolution produce an informative document which includes some of the guidelines as listed below -Check training on correct disposal procedures are up to date. -Review your organisations procurement of safer sharps virus conventional sharps. -Consider why you aren’t using safer sharp, it this habit or lack of awareness? -Review your […]

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