Cases of the Coronavirus are confirmed in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan South Korea, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe. The number of cases globally is rising daily.

Coronavirus are a family of virus that can cause a variety of ailments, among them are the deadly Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). Most known Coronavirus have an ability to jump between humans and animals which makes them hard to contain.

The recent emergence of a Coronavirus disease emphasises the importance of a high level of safety when using and disposing of hypodermic needles.

The NeedleSmart needle destruction device (NDD) completely destroys viruses and bacteria that remain on the needle by heating it to 1,300oC and at the same time renders the needle blunt, harmless and unusable for any other purpose.

In the scenario where a hypodermic needle has been used on a patient infected with Coronavirus (or suspected of), the used hypodermic needle may well be contaminated with Coronavirus and as such, any contact with the contained needle has the potential to spread the virus.

However insert the needle immediately after use into the NeedleSmart NDD and in just a few seconds any trace of Coronavirus is destroyed. In addition, the needle is also destroyed preventing injury and sealing the syringe and needle in a safe manner.

The NeedleSmart NDD can make a contaminated needle safe and help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

The virus and bacterial inactivating capacity of NeedleSmart was independently validated by scientists at Glasgow Caledonian University. Included in the analysis was a parvovirus, which is far more resistant to inactivation by heat than a Coronavirus. Despite drawing over ten million infectious viruses per ml into the needle, no infectious virus was present after treatment.







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