Stage 1
The used hypodermic needle is inserted into the NeedleSmart device via our bespoke guide mechanism.

Stage 2
The NeedleSmart device detects the presence of a needle and begins the destruction process, heating the needle to over 1300°C.

Stage 3
Within seconds, the destroyed needle is released from the NeedleSmart device as a safe, sterile sphere of metal at the tip of the syringe.

Working with the Healthcare Markets NeedleSmart are launching a range of innovative ‘Sharps Stations’ to minimise NSI risk to both patients and Healthcare professionals while offering genuine operation and cost benefits to the NHS.

The NeedleSmart range has the potential to:

  • Reduce hypodermic needles to sharps bins by up to 70%
  • Generate a reduction in sharps disposal cost in the order of 30%
  • Costs reduction / end of line
  • Potential to recycle product
  • Charging figures: Full charging – 1p to charge. Melt 300 needles – 0.5p
  • 12.5p / kWhr

NeedleSmart Demonstration Illustration

Initial cost savings are via sharps bin capacity increase.

Additional savings from disposal to alternative waste streams.

Genuine opportunity to recycle in the medium term.

Download NeedleSmart Infection Control Brochure

Download NeedleSmart Pro Manual